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One Direct Advisory (ODA) can help your business build to realise the light at the end of the tunnel after these trying times.

Our Government has been supportive with stimulus assistance for Businesses through the COVID- 19 uncertain period, and is encouraging a return to normal operation as soon as practical.

ODA is relationship orientated and can work as a member of your team to review your business for any stress areas, assist in identifying any existing or potential problems and combine with you to instigate remedial actions if necessary.

An early understanding of any unidentifiable problems through an external assessment of the direction that you are heading just gives you breathing space to instigate any corrective measures.

Thinking of your business strategy at this time, not only in respect to risks but also in relation to opportunities in the “new normal” is very important. Don’t forget your strengths and let ODA help you build on them.

The ODA multidisciplinary team comprises Business analysis, Accountants, Financiers, and a Human Resource Consultant, which represents a well balanced Advisory Team to address your business needs and to get things humming again.

ODA works in conjunction with our Joint Venture partner, PBL Legal, who can address any legal needs, and assists in providing the support necessary to set your business on a path to recovery and growth, post COVID -19.

One Direct Advisory has a group of pro bono Advisors who provide advice to clients at very reduced fees and is a philanthropic organisation supporting Meals on Wheels Central Coast Ltd.

For more information, please visit the One Direct Advisory web site, or contact Ron Thomsen on email info@one direct advisory.com.au